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Here is everything you need to know about how our company works for you. You will find turnaround times, fees, appointment info and so much more! Additional Questions? Feel free to email us or give us a call.

Appointment Times

-Our appointment times range from 30 min to 3 hours. This depends on the services you selected. Once they have used their allowed appointment time they must leave for the next property so we cannot have items being cleaned and moved during the session time.

-We will require homes to be pet and people free and no items being moved around while we work. If the home is not ready, we will shoot "as is" or reschedule with a return fee. Our staff DOES NOT clean, stage or move items. Your properties must be completely ready when we arrive. Please walk through first to make sure its to your standards. 

-Due to traffic, your photographer can be +/- 30 minutes. If traffic is holding them up longer, they will contact you via email (or phone number if its in your emails). While we do everything we can to give exact timeframes, please understand that traffic is a large variable. We prefer to do this rather than give a large "show up" window.


-Our appointments are first come first serve. We do not hold appointments. When we offer appointment time, it must be solidified by the end of the work day, or it will be deleted. You will know if your appointment has been finalized when you receive a google calendar invite. Please check all information in this invite for accuracy. We are human and can make mistakes.

-Appointments must be cancelled by 4pm the day before. Please check your properties the day before to ensure you will not get a day of cancellation fee. Cancellation fee is $49. (Our photographers get paid by the house, this fee is so their paychecks aren’t short)

Access to Properties

- Supra: We only have one person with Supra access so we must be told at the time of booking so we can schedule you with the supra photographer. Otherwise we cannot accommodate Supra access. HAR has changed their requirements for Non-licensed Realtor access and we are required to use the CBS code for the specified Supra box. Finding this code is easy.

       Open your Supra Ekay App

       Go to my boxes

       Click the box on the property

       Click program

       Scroll down until you see CBS and give us the numbers next to it. DO NOT turn on the require CBS                 slider. This will make even realtors need this code. Just simply give us the numbers or screenshot.

- Lockbox and Combo codes must be sent in writing via text or email.

- In person entry is fine. We just ask that the person letting us in stay in a place that allows us to work efficiently. We ask that this just be one individual. We cannot work around families, children and pets.

- Gate Access: Please add Slate and Stone Real Estate Photography to your gates or text/email the gate codes to us.




-Travel fee for properties more than 30 min drive from I-45 and 242 is $15-75. This include mid day traffic time frames. We understand that at 8pm the drive time may be considerably less but we calculate according to mid day travel times. We cannot always accommodate homes outside of our normal travel area. Even if we have shot for you in that area before. We take houses out side of our travel area on a house by house basis determined by our work load at the time.

- Day of Cancellation fee (must be cancelled by 4pm the day before) is $49. Our photographers get paid by the  house, this fee is so their paychecks aren’t short.

-Trip fee for going out and not shooting the property $49-75 depending on how far out it was. This includes properties that are not ready. They have strict time frames to stay on schedule. If they do not believe they can shoot the whole property in the time frame allowed, due  to it not being ready, they will have to leave and the office will reschedule you.

We are open Monday through Friday from 9:30-4pm. Appointments are booked between 9:30am and 3:30pm M-F. Limited availability on Saturdays. Closed Sundays and Holidays.

Preparing your Property

While we will still move small things that we notice, we will need your help to make sure that overall the house is ready so we all keep on schedule. The only things our photographers will adjust when we arrive are the blinds, lights, garbage cans and put toilet sets down. Thank you all so much for all of your help and for always being the most amazing realtors and home owners! We are blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.


Feel free to send your home owners our clean home checklist attached below!


-If you have PHOTOGRAPHY: Please see our checklist below to have your home in great photo condition! Please make sure vehicles are moved off the property 30 min before scheduled time.


-If you have AERIALS/DRONE PHOTOS: Please make sure all vehicles are moved out into the street away from the property 30 min before the scheduled time.


-If you have MATTERPORT: We are so happy to be able to give you an amazing selling resource for your properties! Please take a moment to read the preparing instructions. This will help your home owners be fully prepared.


Since Matterports CAN NOT be edited, we will need the property fully ready when we arrive. Exterior scans cannot be done as Matterport works via infrared and cannot piece itself together outdoors.


Please have your home owners:

-Remove/hide all pet dishes, beds, toys etc. and put their fur babies in a place that will not be matterported. 

-Remove all personal items from kitchen counters and bathroom counters and showers.

-Have a place for the family to go where they will not accidentally get into a scan. Matterport can see around some corners.

-Have anything moved that needs to be moved. Moving during the scans can cause our technicians to be late to their next appointment and we have an increased risk of the scans being corrupted.

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